About Us



Jenn has been here since the first days. Having opened the bakery at age 25 in 2010, she’s seen and done a lot over the years. You can catch her baking, mixing, frosting, decorating, washing dishes and most importantly chatting with customers. A jack of all things cake, Jenn mainly enjoys making the over-the-top ridiculously crazy cakes. Is it shaped? Does it stand on one leg? Does it move or play music? Then it’s got Jenn’s name written all over it. With the skills of Rebecca and Lizzie beside her, Jenn and Sugar Coated Cakes have significantly upped their cake game. Stop by and you’ll see Jenn dancing around or laughing all day in the kitchen as she dreams up the next crazy cake design. Want a show stopper like you’ve never seen before? Go in and pick Jenn’s brain for a crazy idea. When she’s not in the shop, Jenn can be found chasing the snow for every possible day of skiing. When spending time with her husband, they enjoy trips to Vermont or camping in the summer time. Having run the bakery for about 8 years all alone, Jenn could not be happier to have two strong, talented and fun cake decorators on her team now. 


Cake Decorator

Lizzie rejoined our team in 2016, after having spent a few months with us as an intern during her schooling at Johnson and Wales University. Lizzie is our go to fondant maker extraordinaire. All of the adorable animal themed cakes in our case, or those WAY TO CUTE fondant topped cupcakes you see everyday? That’s Lizzie. A queen at making the most adorable fondant animals, theres nothing she can’t take on. Want a ferret, done; a sloth, done; an elephant, that’s easy! Lizzie is a master at painting. All the tiny details that get added to our cakes that take it over the top, there’s a good chance she was the painter behind that. When Lizzie isn’t being a cake artist wizard, she enjoys spending time with her friends and going to her brother’s band’s shows in town. When hanging out with her family, they often enjoy crazy game times and good old fashion family fun. While you may think she’s quiet from meeting her at the shop, don’t be fooled. She’s got a crazy fun side. Lizzie’s skill set rounds out our team to perfection. Stop by and see what kind of a cake painting challenge you can think up for her.